Seven Days in the Life of Mott the Hoople

So it has been a week and I have done very little with this blogigity. So let’s see what has transpired:

Saw our Godchild last Saturday

Got to enjoy a nice meal with the Better half, with a wonderful view of the ocean. Even though we wanted to throw down against the four old ladies sitting next to us who were kind of moving in to a personal space so they could see what we were having. Listen Golden Girls stop looking at us to see what you are going to gum for dinner!

Saw a movie about clowns and loved it. Go see Rize. Help out Tommy won’t you.

Great weekend other than the Sox losing two to the Cubs!

Monday off to Atlanta for HFH meeting. The flight was alright, I was able to sleep through the Wedding Date. Excellent!

Monday night had dinner with a friend from High School, his wife and their child. It was good to hang out and see him.

My friend took us on an abbreviated tour of Atlanta drove around Tech, CNN Center, Phillips Arena, and Centennial Park. Even went out to the Ted. Braves were on the road, so I will have to come back to catch a game. Even got a nice photo of me standing where Tom House caught a home run ball, it was hit by some guy named Aaron. I think it was Tommy Aaron’s brother. I don’t know I hadn’t heard of him.

Failed at blogging back in at the Wonderful Holiday Inn Select by Hartsfield-Jackson.

Tuesday it was off to World of Coke. I know it touristy, but damn it we wanted to do it. I am not a wine guy, or whiskey man. I do enjoy a good beer. But I have an addiction and it is to soft drinks. There I have laid out my shame, please enjoy. Loved the samples, but I will take the Coke World in Vegas.

Then we were off to an Atlanta institution, The Varsity. To describe would be if Tommy’s and In-N-Out had a very large and southern child. This would be it. I can only image the insanity during a Saturday in the fall.

Our Meeting went well and I did not make an ass out of myself once, okay, but only once.

Tuesday night again failed to blog all you something fierce. Blogger ate my entry. I shouldn’t have messed with the photo function.

Wednesday team Boski called it a wrap after the morning meeting and heading to Hartsfield-Jackson to kill time, four hours. That would be the easy part.

Bad news part II. Team Boski could not obtain seats next to each other. To make things worse, both were middle seats. I know people love those middle seats.

Bad News Part III – As we took out seats, a large gentleman comes to our row and takes the window seat.

Bad News Part III – Things are good on the Better Half’s side two normal sized people are in the seats around her.

Bad News Part IV – Another larger gentleman bigger than the man to my right takes the aisle seat. I am going to be very warm for this flight. Well at least I can still use the arm rest to my right, but any chance of my elbows moving away from my ribs are gone.

Bad News Part V – A very large woman takes the seat in front of me and feels the need to have her seat all the way back for most of the flight. Checkmate.

Look I am not a small person myself buy I felt like Gary Coleman. Needless to say I was sweating through the flight. I think I scared the people in the rows behind me when there was an opening and I was able to make it to freedom. (Thank you large man to my right and your need to pound Royal’s and Coke.) Because I looked like I had graduated from the Norm Peterson School of Sweating. But made it home safely and I can call the trip an unqualified success. Even thought we did not get a chance to have real Southern Food. Rats!

But after all that not much, the Sox are still holding a 10 game lead. Which Elias Sports reports that no team has lost its division when it has lead by double digits. So I could expect that this is year that changes. Oh won’t the blogging be fun then. No I have faith as we march on. I wonder if we will make a move before July 31? Hmmmmm. Interviewed for a job and brought our little computer home. So that is the long and short of what has been going on. Oh wait this just in….


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