It s tough blogging from the clearance rack at the Gap.

Yes another day blogging from mall. Again I would like to thank the Orange County Museum of Art and their lovely lounge here at Crystal Court. Wow, I feel like Merv Griffin when he use to do his show from the Hilton in Vegas. Wait does this mean I have to sexual harass Danny Terrio of Dance Fever fame now? Err…I mean allegedly harass? As you can see I watched way too much TV as child.

Well the Spurs won, yawn. Thanks to the set up at Castle Boski, I was able to watch it. Saw nearly all of it, which again proves I will watch anythign with a score. They are both good teams, well coached, but damn it is tough to watch at points. I am just not a fan of 3 plus minutes of no scoring. Sorry, I just do not find it sintilating.

Screw the Lincoln/Douglas debates. They got nothing on Cruise vs. Lauer. Can we get the Croc Hunter to come out and capture Tom before he goes on a rampage. Wow, Tom I did not know you read so many papers on the subject. Hell I did not know you could read. Hey Tom speaking of your religion which I do not have a problem with. If you do enjoy it so much why aren’t you mingling with those who are not famous and those who want to learn more? Look I can understand why you have some separation from the stars and the commoners, but the Bishops and Cardinals have to press the flesh with flock. Hey I am just saying.

Oprah we are sorry, I forgot that you are above rules. You know Oprah if you were the one holding the event and someone barged in you would have been pissed and blamed Hermes for have people intrude on you and your group. But I will retract this if there was racial comments thrown, but everyone on the planet does not know you. So would your shopping been worth the jobs of the employee who let you in. Of course not, unless they were Oprah book club members then you would have gotten them a copy of What Colour (since it is France) Is My Parachute”. Why do we need to know who the hell Gayle King is? I am glad you are Oprah’s friend, but I do not need to know who you are. Oh, thank God Tom Cruise is going to call and see how Oprah is doing.

How the hell do you sleep at nights you %$#%ing bastard. Yeah, Gitmo is just another Club Med.


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