I think I just got marked down.

Damn Gap sales person. I know $8.99 marked down from 38.99. Well at least I am not in a really crappy color. As the Better Half has pointed out. “Why do they keep making clothes in these %$#$ing colors that no one wants?” Well at this price I can buy some nice khaki’s to go with me.

Well it is a big weekend for the Sox. The Cubs and their rabble of elitist fans come to the Cell. All I want is the Cubs to be shamed and beaten into submission. War Harold Baines!

We also have guests coming in tomorrow, so that will be fun. Then we get ready for Atlanta. Then sadly I will have to get back to work. I have been enjoying my time off. It takes me back to Summer Vacations of my youth. Hell I watched a little bit of Bonanza for the hell of it. Not because I liked it, it was on in the mornings and when you don’t have cable you have limited choices. It also has the feel of days as a “Attractions Host” aka Ride Op at Disney. Well the big difference is I am not living like a vampire. When I would start work at 4:45. Finish at 1:30 AM. Anytime I was up before noon was a rarity.

Well I must shuffle off terrorize the employees at Sports Chalet.


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