Still Blogging near the Orange Julius.

Yes another day and a another trip the mall to blog. I only have till 4. Mom’s picking me up.

I think a stake to the heart my be the best hope. After watching “American Dad” last Sunday, I think Mr. McFarland was too kind. Mr. Rove, please go make sweet love to a working table saw. I could ramble in rage, but I won’t.

Hey Donald to say it was a “quagmire” would be an understatement.

Maybe they heard how great the rice pilaf and chicken was.

How can America survive with knowing?

“Kids, don’t f with Grandpa today.”

Boski’s TV Corner

Kids if you are not watching Reno 911!, then shame on all of you.

Also I am loving this season of “Entourage“. I am just waiting for Ari to say something that will top “Hug it out bitch!” Congrats to you Mr. Piven this makes up for the “Cupid” disaster. Props to the special effects people on the show. I do not know how they do it but I find Kevin Dillon funny. Boy that Spielberg is something.


One Response to Still Blogging near the Orange Julius.

  1. Kevin says:

    Once when I closed my bar tab and signed for the receipt, I noticed the bartender had accidentally given me Kevin Dillon’s card back. Surprisingly, his tab wasn’t much more than mine. He must have been making the chick he met buy.

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