Road Trip

The Better Half and I have been asked to go to Atlanta as a part of the volunteer work we do. Yes, Team Boski is out in the community trying to acts of good in the OC, for Habitat for Humanity. If you are long time reader of this virtual birdcage liner. You know that we have actually gone abroad for HFH. It is something the Better Half and I really believe in. I will not bore you with all that right now.

So we are off to Atlanta. I think I can almost say this will be the first “business trip” I have ever had. I wonder if this means I do not have to ride with the luggage? We will be there for a couple of days so we are working on what we can see and do in a limited window of time. The Braves are out of town, so no Turner Field this time. Also I found out that it cost $10 to do the CNN tour. Is it worth it? I mean do I want to drop cash to see them feed Wolf Blitzer? But it would be worth it to sucker punch Nancy Grace. I am not advocating violence against anyone, but I think since Nancy is the offspring of Satan and Pia Zidora, it would be allowed.


3 Responses to Road Trip

  1. Eric says:

    You know, Jim and Terri only live 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. You could stop in and hit Terri with an inflatable usher beater. She still likes it.

  2. Boski93 says:


  3. BubbaRayGracie says:

    My wife saw me reading this last night and the following dialog ensued:

    her: Boski lives in the O.C.?
    me: (in Napolean Dynamite voice, which has morphed into my normal voice) Where did you expect him to live? He’s awesome!

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