June 16, 2005

Why did it take three years and nearly 2,000 American lives and countless Iraqis to see that Bush was not serious about trying to find a diplomatic solution. That this military and religious hunta sent out troops into a quagmire without the right numbers, or equipment, but the most incriminating fact. This administration had no fucking clue about what was going to be done after the fall of Sadam. All the while we are letting North Korea menace Asia (which I believe is being enabled by China, but that is this man’s opinion). And we are pushing Iran into a corner which will only help the Islamic extremist in Iran. Fantastic George, wonderful job.
But will enough people care. Or will they be too busy waiting for Michael Jackson’s TV show, or the Runaway Bride. Damn, look I am one who thinks that real life makes the best stories. As I have mentioned before I love reading non-fiction. But as for TV so called manufacturer’s (poorly at that) reality sucks a hell of lot of ass and we have to end it. You see folks the majority of “Reality TV” is crap. You can see that TV is going the WalMart route and instead of creating a story and characters you put on some shallows show that has a Karen Carpenter thin premise and cram it with a-holes who are either the greatest actors or just another compelling argument against Darwin. What do you get. You get distorted reality done really cheap that networks can make a ton of money. How do you think Big Brother stays on. Arrrggg it is just frustrating. The worst part is I do like the Gordan Ramsey series (folks he is not acting he is that way). And Team Boski do watch car wreck TV. Yes we have watched a lot of Real World/Road Rules Challenge and others. So I will go and flog myself.