The Day the Stolen Music died.

June 10, 2005

Well we heard back from our Red-Headed IT guy, who is working on our computer. He let us know that we did not unintentionally delete our hard drive. The only problem was the 200 GB hard drive from Fry’s sucked a whole lot of ass. So right now we maybe able to retrieve documents, but we will have a problem with photos (Sucks!) But worst of all we lost a shit load of music. We will have some of the music the Better Half. But almost all of the music I downloaded, while behind a firewall instead of doing work is gone. Gone, daddy, gone, love is gone. Look I worked real hard to steal that music and now it’s gone. I blame Fry’s and the recording industry. Just as I was going to try to join the Dan Tobin Mix-Tape Club. Damn it!