I should not be surprised Part ML

A question for everyone. It may be a slam dunk, but I am still going to ask.

Right now, would this administration and the cabal who support it think that Al Haig is a pot smoking hippie by their standards? Even though Al is in charge.

This just in James Watt thinks that Bush administration needs to do something about the environment.

Also, vaudeville died too soon, you know what killed it. I’ll tell you. The talking pictures that’s what. Sorry about that, but I think Kim Jong Il and George Bush would have made a great comedy act. Right now they would be a scream, if they did not both have nuclear weapons!

Hey Russell, look everyone loved the old phone company ad campaign of ‘reach out and touch someone’ , but why did you have to go all Wil Cordero all over the hotel concierge?

Jackson trail still going on. The jury deliberates. Michael’s ill, Joe’s Mad, Nancy Grace is still horseshit. Who cares. Look I think the bigger crime is why Tito is not a bigger star.

White Sox still in first. Mmmmmmmmmm, first place.

Shaq, sorry big man. I would enjoy this more if Kobe was not such and ass. But serves you right. No you could not stay in shape playing in L.A. But you get in great shape in Miami. Hey see it like you were still here. Eddie Jones failed in the clutch, again. Look if you are the MVP, you win that game. Hurt or not you have to play big in the big games. Russell did, Jabbar did, Duncan does. As for the finals it will go seven games and be very boring.

Well back to coal mine.

Now please enjoy VH1’s Behind the Music “Bad English – Grammar was not the only problem”


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