So tell me how is your news?

Well lets see.

I think the patients should be happy they got moved. They were not forces to listen to her.

Thank goodness this was not a Catholic ceremony. “Hey honey, which cravass did we park the car next to?” I did here they held a kick ass bash at base camp.

It looks like the celebration of the Red Sox World Series continues on a grand scale.

No doubt most of these signatures will be in crayon.

Take that Rene.

A sad day for the NBA and the ABA. Did you know that two of the ABA’s commishioners were on the NBA top 50 list and are both dead. There is one that will get a conversation rolling.

Hey Jamal can I borrow you phone I have to do some business.

That is it for now. Please relax and enjoy Dance Fever – The Ultimate Fighting Championship Edition.


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