I hate clandestine blogging.

Typed on 5/31 but aged to perfection today.

I have limited access here at work and since I have dial up at home what is the point, it sucks ass. I do not blog well after 2:00 AM. So I take my shots when I can. Well back from the weekend and hard at work here in Narnia. I swear if Mr. Tumnas drops another project on me I am going to beat the Turkish Delight out him. The Better Half and I had a wonderful weekend, after feeling like crap on Friday. Here is what we got accomplished:

1. Got tires for the Boski mobile. I just was not happy to have tires I could see my reflection in.

2. We did our best to spur on the economy. You give us the cash and we will put people to work.

3. First BBQ of the season, and it went off with out a hitch. No Black Widows trying to bag a burger.

4. Watched a great documentary on Shane McGowan from 2001. It was on our cables On-Demand section so we demanded it. It was a great look at him and his a career. If you want to see a great documentary about a true original then watch “If I Should Fall from Grace”. It has everything you could ask for. It has music, a great story, the worst set of teeth ever and the greatest set of mutton chops. There was a gentleman in the documentary who had more then mutton chops. He had a whole heard of sheep. You only see the man for a moment but it is one you will never forget. Just think of Chester A. Arthur , but on roids. After watching it I told the better half that I wanted to learn how to speak Shane. She replied, so you are going to learn, English, Gaelic and Slestak.

5. Finally sat down and watched “Waiting for Gufman”. Loved it. After the movie I had to be talked down that the “My Dinner with Andre” Action Figures did not exist. Rats. This one topped “A Mighty Wind” and “Best In Show”. Even though I still love Fred Willard’s play by play in the “Best in Show”.

6. Watched the Sox salvage the weekend by winning one in the 9th. A game that should have been won in the top of the 9th not the bottom of the ninth. Saving the Sox from a really lost weekend. Good to see Big Frank back, oh wait he hurt himself. Arrrg. Well it worked out today. Thanks Timo “Maas” Perez. Also it was nice to see that they gave Ozzie an extension through 2008.

Well I must get back to it.


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