McBoski, Lehr News Minute

Hey Donald this would not be such a problem if we actually told the truth, did things properly. Just a thought.

John Bolton the only thing that is worse than your people skills is Michael Bolton’s hairline. To make you U.N. Ambassador would be more horrendous than any album Michael Bolton has ever conceived.

Wow, the Star Wars Kids may have someone to laugh at now.

What do you mean having the Hell’s Angels doing security that something could go wrong? Took them long enough to figure it out. All the time I thought it was Jerry Garcia who did it.

What the last two elections didn’t tell you something. I did find humor that the story’ date line is from Chicago. The city where the dead loved Mayor Daly Sr. so much that they continued to vote from the Great Beyond.

Ken Jennings stops juicing look what happens.

From across the Pond

The Queen will not be amused.

Why do we need the Spice Girls back, even if it is for a good cause? Maybe if we get them all together we can finally get them back into captivity. After them next up Westlife.

Black day for livers in Liverpool.

Well that is all from now, please enjoy our hard hitting interview with the cast of Kate and Allie.

This just in. How did I miss this. It is as if Oscar Gamble’s fro and Einstein’s hair had a child. Phil, I must draw you.


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