What is going on?

Jerry Rice a Bronco.

First it was the Cleveland Refugee program. Next came Clarrett. Then it was a punter who juicing. Now Jerry Rice. I hope you know what you are doing Shanahan. If he can pull off a spot in the post-season and a playoff win or two, then he will truly be the Mastermind. This pick up would have been great 10 years agony, hell I would have taken 3 years ago. Right now I all I can imagine is the black hole we have had at WR. Other than McCaffery and Smith and possibly Lelie we have not had decent WR’s since the Amigo’s (Jackson, Johnson, Nattiel) and the Gringo (Watson).

Look at what they have tried:

Andre Reed
Kevin Kasper
Willie Green
Mike Sherrard
Willie Jackson
Chris Cole
Travis McGriff
Keith Poole
Chris Doerhing
Patrick Jeffers (yes he did have a 1,000 yrd season, but not with Den.)
Todd Kinchen
Eddie Kennison (I will end with this one since Kennison like quitting)
and so on and so on.

But I am hoping Jerry will give us one year. He owes that. I still have nightmare of seeing him run free in Super Bowl XXIV scoring TD after TD.

Well will see.

Now back to Sheriff Lobo vs. Space 1999


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