I am slug hear my squish.

Still feeling out of it. I have asked the other workers in the office to please remove any and all salt in the building. I was fine Monday night playing softball (not very well). But since I have been sore and sluggish with a chance of showers late. I think I may be lagging because I am trying to get over the loss of JAG and Everyone Love Raymond. Who will step in and be a show that was on forever but you never knew anyone who watched?” Well CBS will come through I thought they would never recover from the losses of Simon & Simon and Knotts Landing.

There is one thing I did get rilled up about since I last blogged. NFL Hall of Fame. The thing going around is that there seems to be an “anti-Cowboy” bias. With Michael Irvin being a first ballot. That his off-field behavior is being held against him. I think he should go in he did enough to get in, but he is no slam dunk. As for his off field behavior I think any bias against him is due simply to the fact that most of the Hall of Fame Voters are prejudice against . . . fur coats. I am sorry you had to hear it here first, but I wanted you to hear it from me. As for this not enough Cowboys in the HOF, I say you may have a complaint, but there is only one Bronco in the Hall of fame, and please do not give me that Tony Dorsett Willie Brown crap. Only one. This franchise has only had five losing seasons since 1977 and you only have 1 HOF’er. What about Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright, Rich Jackson, Karl Mecklenberg, Steve Atwater (He should be coming up soon), Steve Smith. Okay some of them are reaches, but seriously. The Seahawks have one, the Bucs have one and they came into the league in 1976. Wow I feel better, but still sluggish.


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