Tom DeLay you are like School in Summer.

No class. I got a chuckle at first and then I got angry after reading this. Tom, the only smearing I am seeing is what you and those of your ilk are doing to the Constitution. You are wiping the crap that you spew all over it. Thanks jackass.

The way things are going we are going to have ourselves our own “Reign of Terror“. There seems to be an inverse French Revolution in the works, minus the bloodshed, yet. Here the Upper Class and the Church are looking to take over and work to create a “version of utopia”. One they would like to inflict on all of us, no matter who it hurts. Next stop feudalism. When will Walmart send me to fight in the Holy Land? You can see some similarities don’t you. Look the Department of Homeland Security and the Committee of Public Safety, both looking to rid themselves of “enemies of the state”. The Directory then and Bush, Cheney, Rove, Fist in the ass, oh I mean Frist, and De Lay now. We also have tribunals, foreign wars and demands for sweeping social “change”.

All I ask is that at least the the NeoCons should at least start wearing the red hats, so we all know where we stand. So it will Liberty (only for those who do not question), Equality(only for the rich and the true believers) and Fraternity (we will all have to move back to our parents homes since we will be broke. Or join colonies of non-commissioned mobile free lancers aka the homeless, living under the crumbling freeways and roads)

Well kids wake me when it is time for the Thermidor Reaction. Mmmm Lobster Thermidor.


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