Boski’s Brush with Sports Greatness.

This weekends NBA MVP voting made me thing about those special moments when I have crossed paths with sports greatness. So here are great moments personal sports moments with Boski. Wait what they hell does Steve Nash have to do with this? I am getting to that.

I played football with two future MLBer’s – Phil Nevin and Matt Luke

Played hoops with a current MLB pitcher Brett Tomko.

(Note when I said played that mean they played and I was riding pine or being used as tackling dummy)

Shared and Elevator with Steve Nash in 96 as he was playing in the NBA Rookie league and I was at Sports Broadcasting Camp. He was not impressed with my Rick Fox Mike Smrek reference. That went over well. Oh yes Boski had a dream of being a broadcaster, but poor speaking skills and too many esoteric remarks about the Estate General mean no future.

Met NFL CB and Kick Returner Jackie Wallace back in Kindergarten. Watch the Highlight film of Super Bowl IX you will see him trying to tackle Franco Harris all day. He was dating our teacher. I actually gave him artwork. My family got very little art from me because I knew even at an early age I sucked at art. I drew him a football field.

Chilled with Max Venable at a function at a health club I use to sling burgers at. A bonus point for you if you know who he is.

Nearly got run over by former Angel Infielder Dick Schofield as he was leaving the Camelot Batting Cages in ’87.

Hung out with Former All-American and a member of 1984 Olympic Hoops teamer and now NBA ref, Leon Wood. I actually got to do it twice. Once in 94 when I was coach soph hoops in Dana Hills and again at that broadcasting camp. (One final note, during that camp I can swear to this on a stack of bibles. I watch Kurt Warner play Arena football as he was playing for the Iowa Barnstormers as they beatened the Anaheim Parhania’s. Not the Colts vs Giants in 58).

Met Rex Hudler who is genuinely insane, but in a good way. Back in 95 during great Angel Collapse, I caught a ton of Angels games that season. The Hud Dog is a character and someone who did love playing the game. The Better Half and I went to meet him and get something signed. The night before we caught a game against the O’s. Harold Baines was playing so I had to be there. But the Hud Dog had been slumping and hit a routine single to center, but Andy Van Slyke was loafing so the Dog took second. When I brought this up the Hud the next day it was as if he was talking about the greatest Christmas gift ever, but it was about an extra basehit in May. God bless you Hud Dog, go out an eat a bug.

Finally my favorite. Back in 92 I was fortunate to have tickets to go to the NFL experience in Pasadena. Way back when there was football in LA. Had a great time and we travel back to the Placentia and we had to eat. So me and a couple of my friends stop at Taco Bell. As I walk in I see two gentlemen in baseball jersey’s. One was a Dodger jersey and the other a Mariners. Who were these gentlemen? Was it Griffey Jr. and Strawberry? No Lenny Randle, the man who deck his manager back in ’77 and Ken Landreaux the man of a 38 game hit streak and a coke problem. They had been at a card show near by and where finishing the fare Taco Bell had to offer. They told us they had to get going and to stop by the card show. None of this was solicited. I think the look on my face tipped them off that I knew who they were. I was excited. To me I thought, if you two are here does that mean Bob Bailor and Rob Wilfong are in the dining area getting their Nacho Bell Grande on. Sadly no. But then that is how Boski’s mind works.

Thank you listening now “Great Moments in the WFL”


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