Notes from Scorecard.

April 27, 2005

How can I say it is good to be back when no one missed you when you were gone? Well I now finally have time to blog, on company time. Well at least till the end of this week. Yesterday they let me know that my assignment ends this Friday. I should not be surprised this assignment was two weeks longer than expected. The good news is, this due to the department’s budget. They would have liked to have me stay longer, but can’t justify the cost. But then they could be saying that so I do not go all Private Pyle on them, and start shooting. I can understand their fear, if so. I am not as imposing as Vincent D’Onofrio character in the movie, but I am as retarded and slovenly. I will miss working for the district. The people were great and they made me feel welcomed.

So it is back to the temp pool again. I think I may just have to come to the conclusion that I will never be more than a temp. At the most, I will be at a position for a year or two and then I will be laid off, downsized, fired, beaten, scorned, tarred and feathered, and etc. I will be on temp assignments, probably not moving above an administrative assistant level (hey it’s my day today, oh boy!), from now till the end of time. I should have realized that success and I were not going to be on speaking terms. I should have known that when my Guidance counselor advised me that my options after high school were the Carney Sciences, Fast Food Theory or Hobo Studies.

So, I would like to be a cautionary tale for everyone out there that has kids, or will have kids. Make them go to school. Make sure they find a single career path, and make them stick to it. Also try to steer them toward something that has a future. Make them complete said degree, even if they hate it before they are done. That way they can at least have something to fall back on. Also make sure they are obtaining job skills worth a damn. You see knowing the Presidents of the Gilded Age, cracking on Conrad Bain and making esoteric remarks on the Holy Roman Empire will get you nowhere in life. I know I live it everyday. Also make sure they know how to write and understand the English language. That they know all the components like: grammar, spelling and syntax. Next to checking for drugs and if you kid is having sex, you should go all Homeland Security on them and make sure they can write. I was too lazy and dumb to fix my problem. I managed to enough to eek by. I was able to pull the wool over my parents and my teachers. I just wished someone would have come along and said “You’re going to fail miserably in life with your language and comprehension skills. You need remedial help and learn the language from the ground up. Just maybe you might be able to learn enough so you can give yourself a chance in the world”.

Oh Boksi, you’re being too hard on yourself. I say yes and no. Oh sure I am hamming some of this up and I have been very fortunate to be in wonderful family. Have a wonderful wife, who has helped me immensely and has helped me in walking upright. Who if I didn’t have in my life, I would be living under the 57 Freeway overpass at Chapman Ave. But if you ever saw any paper I turned in high school or college (that did not get an extensive review or a couple near rewrite) the returned papers looked at if you had tried to kill a buffalo with a butter knife. Red was everywhere (corrections) and everything was complete mess (my wonderful penmanship). Somehow even when I would type things out, it still looked likes a 6-year old finger-painting project. Thinking about some of the written exams I took, I do not know how anyone was able to read and understand anything I wrote. Even when I knew what the hell I was writing about. So please make you kids read, write and proof their work. Look at it as an investment in your future. I am thankful my Mom has four other kids who are not a mess. It’s good to know that I am in no way responsible for anything important to my Mom’s future care and wellbeing.

So please learn from me. Now I have to go back and edit this and try to make it sound coherent. I feel better now. I just need to get that out. Thank you for your patience, during this public flogging. Tip the wait staff Please try the Shrimp Scampi.


Drafting for Dollars.

April 22, 2005

Well tomorrow is the NFL Draft and thousands of freaks like me will be gathering around the tube and watch hours and hours of people talking about: upside, tweener’s, Raider fan’s, reaches, fluid hips, (wow that almost sounds like the AVN’s) Mel Kiper’s Hair and the Wonderlick (wait, now it definitely sounds like the AVN’s). Well I would love to have sat and watched every single minute of the draft, but I actually have a couple prior commitments. Saturday, sadly is a memorial service for a family friend you heard me talk about a couple of times. So it is off to the High Desert.

Sunday, it will be off to the the L.A. Times Festival of Books. The Better Half and I have been going for about six years. I know you are all surprised, but they have enough coloring books on hand to keep me occupied. It is a great event, with good authors and great forums. This is one of those rare times I try to walk upright and put my opposing thumbs to use.

Well I have to get going and get this weekend started. I will save you from my nonsense, till next week. So please sit back and enjoy the dulcet tones of Rammstein.

A conversation.

April 22, 2005

Blogger: “Yes, Boski.”

Boski: “I want to hurt you.”

Blogger: “What was that?”

Boski: “You heard me”

Blogger: “I am sorry, what ever you were trying to say or post has disappeared”

Boski: “Blogger”


Boski: “Hello Blogger!”

Blogger: “Yes Boski”

Boski: “I am going to crack you head open and feast upon the gooey innards”


Blogger: “Boski were you saying something? Oops, just lost someone’s post about coming up with a cure for Cancer. Wait one second someone has something very funny to say. Oh, I just lost it. So Boski, I have been waiting for uncreative rambling hairballs you cough out, as posts”

Boski’s profanity laced tirade has been lost by Blogger.

Blogger: “Oh hello Boski, how long have you been sitting here?

Boski: “Why do you hate Blogger?”

Blogger: “How can I hate Mr. Boski, I am Cubs fan.”

Boski: “I am so killing you”

Blogger: “What was that?”

Boski: “That’s it. I am signing you up for Columbia House. Good luck trying to return that Best of Moby Grape.”

Blogger: “Hey, who’s hating now. That is just mean Boski.”

Boski:”You bastard.”

Message lost.

Boski Corp. does enjoy the free use of Blogger. This bad attempt at humor is a Boski Corp. Playhouse Players Productions feeble attempt to blow off steam after having another post lost. It may Blogger is actually doing the world a service.

Thank you for your patronage now enjoy “Match Game P.M. On Ice”.

Kids this is why taking drugs are bad.

April 21, 2005

Mr. Gibson, you must be baking on something, because this so absurd. Damn, a Pauley Shore movie has more legitimacy than this.

Thinking about it here are a couple of items more plausible than that story:

Sirhan Sirhan marring a Kennedy.

The White Sox winning the World Series (a recurring theme)

German’s scared of the French

Jerry Fallwell opening a casino in Vegas

Paris Hilton Pulitzer Prize Winning Author

The Saints covering when they are the favorite

The next pope: Ian Paisley.

Jar Jar Binks’ face on Mount Rushmore.

The NHL returning.

Me rooting for USC.

Congrats Mr. Gibson you are now on the city council of Crazyville.

Oh I almost forgot. Sorry to be all on the political today but also caught a gander of this.

Mr. DeLay you are bucking for Mayor of Crazyville aren’t you.

Thanks to Atrios for doing the heavy lifting.

Should I be surprised part XLV

April 20, 2005

From the Independent Republic of Texas.

After reading, I shouldn’t be really surprised by it at all.

That could leave a mark.

April 20, 2005

I don’t know how the penguin driving is going to explain this one to the insurance company.


April 20, 2005

They are just going to screw it up all over again. Look I love college football, but this BCS sucks ass. Oh sure, I got to see a great Rose Bowl game, but the system is Howard the Duck bad. They will screw this up some how. The BSC has been tampered with more times than the Hilton Sisters. Just play the bowls and have a four team playoff, or something. There is a way that can be done profitably. Wouldn’t be great to have more definitive way of determining a national champ. Hey, I am just saying.