Will this be the end of Zombie Pat O’Brien in Rehab.

No! Please say it’s not so! Some one get that man a bottle of Crown Royal. Hey Pat I am glad that you have decided to clean up, you ol’ booze hound. But I am not happy with the apology crap. Okay you may need to apologize for legal reason, but do not be ashamed of some great comedy. Those tapes are gold. (thanks Mr. Thigh Master) But Pat (didn’t he suggest doing that to Nancy O’Dell while Billy Bush watched?) has to get back to his important work. He is going to help American learn and understand the important topics. No, not Social Security (maybe we should contact Joe millionaire, he will know what to do), or Iraq (are we still there, I thought that ended with Friends Finale), or even the assault on the constitution (didn’t that get voted off Survivor?). It’s about our entertainment industry. Oh sure, we may be spending $3.00 a gallon, billions in Iraq, with a a health care system that sucks, but our reality shows and over-exposed stars are safe.

Pat, I salute you for our courage to come back and hop into the frey as we face a possible American Idol Scandal. Something that the American public has more passion voting on then political elections. What could this scandal be? What that it sucks? Paula on drugs? (maybe she heard one of her albums) Is the show rigged? There are 3-masted ships that are less rigged. Damn, you would think this ABC Primetime was the Warren Commission Report.

Thank goodness I do not commit most of my waking hours following something where people are over exposed and paid huge amounts of money to play “games”. That would just be foolish. Now where is the sports section?


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