Vin Diesel the new Bill Brasky?

I am still a little partial to Bill Brasky but this has potental.

Here are some of the early favorites:

Vin Diesel does backup vocals on Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”. This concerned Cameron Crowe and caused him to cast John Cusack over Vin Diesel for the Lloyd Dobler role in “Say Anything”. An oversight Vin Diesel considers, some real bullshit.

He once asked to borrow a cup of sugar from Benjamin Franklin. When Franklin said no, Vin Diesel killed him with a sword.

Is both the architect of, and banned by the Geneva Convention.

God is Vin Diesel’s third grade Science Fair project.

Vin Diesel has a seat on the United Nations Security Council; despite not being a sovereign nation.

Beat Bobby Fischer in a game of chess. And by that I mean, beat Bobby Fischer into a coma using only the white rook.

I would like to thank Best Week Ever for this.


One Response to Vin Diesel the new Bill Brasky?

  1. Eric says:

    This is exactly what I needed to pick me up outta the gutter.

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