The President speaks to the Nation.

President Bush will take time out of his schedule to speak to America. We should all be pleased that he is taking the time, since being the president is “hard work”. Why is he doing this during sweeps? Great piss off advertisers. Also, why do I have the feeling that when he discusses his Social Security Plan he will trying to explain it while using a the game board from Chutes and Ladders.

Give it up Mr. President, the whole “private accounts” idea bites (that’s a fancy debating rebutal). I know that you want American’s to become the “Ownership Society”, just like your dad’s old boss. But the problem is I do not want to take ownership of your debt. Oh there are changes that need to be made. Moving the cap and encouragement of people to save on their own along with other ideas, that I forget since I did not take Economics.

You will also be discussing your brilliant Energy Plan. Great, drilling in Alaska. Sure their is oil there, but can you ensure it will be done properly. Heaven forbid we would like to keep a party of the nation wild and undisturbed. Also that will be good for only a short period of time. Hey we need our giant SUV’s and China and India are upping their need for oil. But hey it’s only a couple of billion of people. China and India you remember. China they are flooding the markets with their copied American products at Walmart. In fact China and Walmart have had more impact on the economy than the tax breaks. (I forget the book that is from so I apologize for forgetting) But then we should envy China all that cheap (slave) labor while the government directs the population to worry about being good consumers than their rights. (Okay I may have gone a little far on that one) India, Mr. Bush that is where our high tech jobs are going to. You have heard of it? Oh I forgot you cried when you dad wanted watch Ghandi. You and Dan Qualye threw such a fit they rented you Herbie Goes Banana’s. How could I forget.

Mr. Bush we need to develop other methods of energy. Do not get me started on nuclear power. We need more targets for the terrorist. Look we can develop cleaner energy in which it can be a winfall for both the consumers and the developers. You can make money going green, it is not against the law, or is it? Just imagine this approach if this was the space program in the 60’s. NASA would have been outsources to East Germany and the Russian would have been on the moon. The whole time we tried to put a rocket on DC-3. Okay enough venom from me, I will try to get back to the comedy that made Greg Evigan weep.


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