Ted Turner do you know what goes on at your network?

I was working out Tuesday morning when I say that “CNN Live” in which they spent time to discuss this literary/self-help gem. I thought there was going to be news. Nope, I got Victoria Gotti who is a cross between Donnatella Versace and an ape. I would like to apologize to apes and Ms. Versace. And he son Frank who “wrote” this seminal piece of literature. How he went from a fat ass to a guy who has a hair cut that Moe Howard wants back. I do hope you enjoyed the soup that came with that haircut. How did he accomplish this Herculean goal. What is the genius he is about to give the world. Eat less, work out and cut carbs. Holy crap! Stop the presses this is Gutenberg Printing Press kind of news. Really, that is all. Look if I wanted this crap I could watch Katie Couric’s colon being checked, or watch Harry Smith artificially inseminate a cow. It hurt watching this. Thank god I did not have my glasses or I would have been blinded.

Speaking of bad CNN moves. Nancy Grace this woman is insane and I wish nothing more than a life full of bad clams. I think this article and this one sums up some of my feelings.


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