How could I forget.

I really should take the time to enjoy this while it last.

The Chicago White Sox
Best record in the

Let just soak that in just for the moment. I know we are not into May yet, but bear with me. And as I write this this they have just lost another game in the 9th. Was that Jermaine Dye playing Shortstop in the 9th?

Look this there best start since they wore these. They are off to their best road start since they wore these. This is better than when they started 82 dressed in these fine threads. Which still beat these. We have come a long way from the shorts debacle.

I could go on and bemoan that White Sox Village is still not being taken seriously (which I can understand). But that would be mundane. All I will say is that their is more to MLB than the Yankee and Red Sox. The Twins are not the feel good, small market vs. big market team. They are some kind of evil pyramid scheme hatched by the Yankee to make us buy Amway. You heard it hear first. Finally, the Cubs suck ass.

Now please put up your feet and enjoy new Broadway Sensation: “Real People the Musical, with Jack Klugman as Sarah Purcell. Happy Birthday, Quincy you magnificent bastard!


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