Should I be surprised part XLV

April 20, 2005

From the Independent Republic of Texas.

After reading, I shouldn’t be really surprised by it at all.


That could leave a mark.

April 20, 2005

I don’t know how the penguin driving is going to explain this one to the insurance company.


April 20, 2005

They are just going to screw it up all over again. Look I love college football, but this BCS sucks ass. Oh sure, I got to see a great Rose Bowl game, but the system is Howard the Duck bad. They will screw this up some how. The BSC has been tampered with more times than the Hilton Sisters. Just play the bowls and have a four team playoff, or something. There is a way that can be done profitably. Wouldn’t be great to have more definitive way of determining a national champ. Hey, I am just saying.

Excuse me are you Michael Diamond?

April 20, 2005

No, my name is Clarence.

Just a snippet from Paul’s Boutique, a classic. I heard that this morning, I could not resist. That is all now back to Quincy takes Manhattan.


April 20, 2005

I read this and it got me thinking. I wonder if these elephants are on DeLay’s payroll (which is not a bad gig from what I hear) and that there were trying to get after any one in Seoul for leaking any info about his trip in 2001. It would not suprise me one bit if he did.