Look Ma, no bruises.

April 19, 2005

Well I did not injure, maim, fold, spindle or mutilated myself playing softball last night. A little sore, but not too bad. I am also pround in the fact that I did not doing anything that will permanently scar me.


A new pope, so soon!

April 19, 2005

Dateline Rome – When the Poppa John’s delivery guy drove up people realized that the white smoke was not the Conclave making pizza it because the new Pope has been elected. He’s German, which means the French are scared. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, is our new Pope. So that’s what he been up to since Cheers. Hey it’s Pope Cliff. No actually he will be named Livan and he will be a good man. Again just kidding, he will be name Pope Benedict XVI. That just does not roll of the tongue as well. I am surprised that this went so quickly. The Vatican got off cheap, what no haggling over salary or at least an new Papal Escalade. I think this was the third or fourth quickest election of a pope. I wish they would have taken more time. Our new pope is a conservative hardliner. Lets just say he thinks Pope Urban VIII was too leintent on Galileo and that because of it we have been tricked into believing this “revolve around the sun nonsense”. I would like to have a Pope that can build a bridge between the conservative and more liberal wings of Catholism. There are issues that need to be addressed and the standard SOP is not going to cut it. Issues like: contraception, AIDS (esp. in Africa), the abuse scandals, apathy in Europe and North American, women in the church, continuing the fight for 3rd World Nations.

Well enough of that back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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