It is a bitter line between loathe and hate.

Blogger, I hate you. Oh sure I will keep using you since you are “free”. But I will secretly loathe you. Actually I will take back that “free” comment. Blogger is not free considering when you take the time to type up something that you put some heart and feeling into and then lose it because Blogger has to shit all over itself.

Well yesterday was that day. I took some time to talk about my weekend and how it fluctuated from great to awful. Talked about the fun time I had with my family, watching my nephew Tom play T-Ball, getting him his first set of baseball cards and then taking him to an Anaheim Storm game. And also finding out a family friend had passed away along with a family pet.

I spent about an hour working on it and to see it just disappear. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg! Well I am not going to try to rescale that mountain today. But I just wanted to get that off my chest and return you to the poorly written, grammatically challenged and boring View Master Slide that is my life.



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