Playoffs! What do you mean Playoffs!

April 8, 2005

Yes more stupid Lacrosse for you. Some how the sub .500 Anaheim Storm still have a shot at the last playoff spot in the West.

The wife and I are going to take our nephew after his little league game and dinner with the family. That will be a lot of fun. My sister told me that he got three hits in a game this week. Already at 6 better than I was. I went seasons with only 3 hits. I loved playing Little league, but I was so awful. I did not play well until the very end. At that point, I was playing against kids younger than me and I did not even reach Senior Majors. Wow, I sucked. Nothing worse than a slow uncoordinated kid trying to run the bases. Never hit a home run in my years of little league, but I did break a car window with a foul ball.

Also this weekend I am going to introduce my nephew to the world of baseball cards. I use to collect them back when it was fun and not an investment. My god, does the world really need that many choices in trading cards. Also 2.99 for 12 cards, WTF? No gum and no Biff Pocaroba’s and Enos Cabell’s! What is the point. So I got him some Topps cards and grab bag of no-bodies of the 80’s & 90’s. I hope he enjoys it. I can still remember my first pack of baseball cards. I got them for $0.20 on Catalina Island back in ’78. I still can remember two of the cards I got out of that pack. They were Fergie Jenkins and Bill Campbell. What is scarier is one back of those cards they had a game you could play. Each card had a result. Single, Double, Fly Out, Pulled groin, you know the basics. But for Fergie he was Base on Balls and Campbells was Home Run. I can not remember what I filled this morning but I remembered that. I collected cards the old fashion way. Bought them by the pack. None of this get the whole set. So that way every time was like a lottery. But every time I would get a Carlton Fisk, the rest of the pack would be Mike Cubbage and Rafael Landestoy. I stopped in High School, when cards were costing the same as the GNP of most small nations. Since then I grab a pack or two when it hits me. But there was one card I need to get. A friend of mine busted this one out a couple years back and I still laugh about it.

I wanted this 1979 Topps card.

You think the name is good, it gets better.

On back of card:

Mark Lemongello is a cousin to Mike Lemongello, professional bowler, and Peter Lemongello, professional singer.

Oh wait there is more.

How can you top that.


Please come back.

April 8, 2005

Today went out to lunch with co-workers. It is a glorious day here, and all I could think about was Midnight Oil’s Blue Sky Mining. I always drag that out when the weather gets nice. But it made me sad. Sad that I will never see them play live. No, Australia’s Favorite Bald-Headed Activist, Singing and Dance Sensation (Please see the “Power and the Passion” video, you will know what I am talking about) had to go on leave. The Oil’s (as the cool kids would say. Oh God they will beat me up if they know I am trying to be like them.) peaceably split up and stop making great music while groups like Hoobastunk, Sum 41 and New Found Glory are still allowed to breath? I ask where is the justice? Now Peter has gone. That is just great. While he is trying to help out his native land. What is doing for me?

Damn it guys, will you please get back together and come back one last time. I swear I will show up. I still kick myself for missing you in 90 and 2000 and every other time in between. Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh! Look if you playing in a parking lot in Beaumont. I will show up. Hell, I bring the Foster’s. Come back please!

Down in flames. There goes 162-0!

April 8, 2005

Great job guys. I thought he got rid of Billy Koch and his wonderful goatee that magically allowed teams to comeback from 3 runs down. Yesterday they did a stirring tribute to him with this performance fleece effort. Coco Crisp going deep WTF! Speaking of Billy, I wonder what he is up to these days?

I know it’s free, so I should feel free to insult.

April 8, 2005

Seriously Blogger what is up. Are back to huffing gas? What. I had more poorly spelt, grammar-challenge comedy iron-pyrite on my hands yesterday and only the voices in my head got the pleasure. Wait thinking about it I think Blogger may have spared you.