Ha ha, real funny.

April 1, 2005

I hope that this is some kind of bad April Fool’s gag. Seriously Ron Dayne. Isn’t he wanted in the Tri-State area for grand theft and impersonation of an Pro Football Player. I do now officially have a really bad feeling for the upcoming season. WTF! Well I am calling it a weekend. Ron Dayne, Ron Flippin Dayne!


Hello My Name is Boski von Boski and I have a NFL Europe problem.

April 1, 2005

It is that time folks. Can you feel the excitement? No, I thought so. Well tomorrow I can wake up tomorrow and watch this. I should be ashamed, but I not. I do enjoy watching it, not because I have a great desire to root on the Frankfurt Galaxy, even though they have appeared in 6 of the 12 World Bowls. I watch because I love seeing the technical side of football and trying to get a better understanding of playing calling and strategy. The play-by-play does a good job going into it. It is needed, since there are times the action may not be the most scintillating (surprise, surprise). So for the next couple of months I will be enjoying this sports equivalent of a trashy romance novel. Another example of why my wife is wrapping up sainthood.

Never mind!

April 1, 2005

It worked never mind, please go back to your business.

Stupid Blogger!

April 1, 2005

I going to kill Blogger and just like there service, I will do it for free. I just had some comedy gold be destoryed. Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhh.

Pitty Pat, Patty Pat Buchanan!

April 1, 2005

Could not help but get a chuckle out of this. I need to ask if this was hit ordered by John McLaughlin. The notorious head of the McLaughlin Group.

We do live in scary times when Pat Buchanan seems moderate.

I do miss watching the Mc Laughling group from time to time. Well I liked the SNL version, but I did watching it with my dad back in my youth. I can hear it like it was just yesterday.

Mc Laughlin: Next question. What did I have for lunch, Jimmy Jimmy Jack Germond?

Germond: “I don’t know how that fits in with this debate on Social Sec.”

Mc Laughlin: “Wrong. Morton Kondracke, Kondracky, Jack Kerouac”

Kondracke: “Veal”

McLaughlin: “Wrong. The answer is 12 lbs of cocktail franks. Next question. On a scale from 2 to 34.872, with the letter Q being in just right of center-left. How will the Senate react to the season finale of Yes Dear? Lets start with Eleanor Clift, Clift, Montgomery Clift.”

Clift: “I have never”

McLaughlin: “Wrong, Fred, Fred Right Said Fred Barnes what say you?”

Barnes: “4.89”

McLaughlin: “Wrong! Kondracke, Kondracke Smoke some Crack!

Konderacke: “I..”

Mc Laughlin: “Wrong! Patahtola Patterson.


McLaughlin:”Wrong! The answer is Lawrence Welk. Next issue, how pretty am I feeling?”