Meanwhile in Delaware.

April 29, 2005

Boski will not be a vagrant next week. He has picked up a temp assignment for 3 weeks. I was actually looking forward to catching up on my soaps. . . oh I have said too much. Well I will miss out on Jerry Springer, which I will say is life affirming. I watch and it makes me feel better about myself, but at the same time scared that these people exist. But I do need to updated my resume. I think the part about be proficient on the Apple IIe may need to adjusted. I will not however take off that I kick ass on Choplifter.


Vin Diesel the new Bill Brasky?

April 28, 2005

I am still a little partial to Bill Brasky but this has potental.

Here are some of the early favorites:

Vin Diesel does backup vocals on Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”. This concerned Cameron Crowe and caused him to cast John Cusack over Vin Diesel for the Lloyd Dobler role in “Say Anything”. An oversight Vin Diesel considers, some real bullshit.

He once asked to borrow a cup of sugar from Benjamin Franklin. When Franklin said no, Vin Diesel killed him with a sword.

Is both the architect of, and banned by the Geneva Convention.

God is Vin Diesel’s third grade Science Fair project.

Vin Diesel has a seat on the United Nations Security Council; despite not being a sovereign nation.

Beat Bobby Fischer in a game of chess. And by that I mean, beat Bobby Fischer into a coma using only the white rook.

I would like to thank Best Week Ever for this.

The President speaks to the Nation.

April 28, 2005

President Bush will take time out of his schedule to speak to America. We should all be pleased that he is taking the time, since being the president is “hard work”. Why is he doing this during sweeps? Great piss off advertisers. Also, why do I have the feeling that when he discusses his Social Security Plan he will trying to explain it while using a the game board from Chutes and Ladders.

Give it up Mr. President, the whole “private accounts” idea bites (that’s a fancy debating rebutal). I know that you want American’s to become the “Ownership Society”, just like your dad’s old boss. But the problem is I do not want to take ownership of your debt. Oh there are changes that need to be made. Moving the cap and encouragement of people to save on their own along with other ideas, that I forget since I did not take Economics.

You will also be discussing your brilliant Energy Plan. Great, drilling in Alaska. Sure their is oil there, but can you ensure it will be done properly. Heaven forbid we would like to keep a party of the nation wild and undisturbed. Also that will be good for only a short period of time. Hey we need our giant SUV’s and China and India are upping their need for oil. But hey it’s only a couple of billion of people. China and India you remember. China they are flooding the markets with their copied American products at Walmart. In fact China and Walmart have had more impact on the economy than the tax breaks. (I forget the book that is from so I apologize for forgetting) But then we should envy China all that cheap (slave) labor while the government directs the population to worry about being good consumers than their rights. (Okay I may have gone a little far on that one) India, Mr. Bush that is where our high tech jobs are going to. You have heard of it? Oh I forgot you cried when you dad wanted watch Ghandi. You and Dan Qualye threw such a fit they rented you Herbie Goes Banana’s. How could I forget.

Mr. Bush we need to develop other methods of energy. Do not get me started on nuclear power. We need more targets for the terrorist. Look we can develop cleaner energy in which it can be a winfall for both the consumers and the developers. You can make money going green, it is not against the law, or is it? Just imagine this approach if this was the space program in the 60’s. NASA would have been outsources to East Germany and the Russian would have been on the moon. The whole time we tried to put a rocket on DC-3. Okay enough venom from me, I will try to get back to the comedy that made Greg Evigan weep.

Ted Turner do you know what goes on at your network?

April 28, 2005

I was working out Tuesday morning when I say that “CNN Live” in which they spent time to discuss this literary/self-help gem. I thought there was going to be news. Nope, I got Victoria Gotti who is a cross between Donnatella Versace and an ape. I would like to apologize to apes and Ms. Versace. And he son Frank who “wrote” this seminal piece of literature. How he went from a fat ass to a guy who has a hair cut that Moe Howard wants back. I do hope you enjoyed the soup that came with that haircut. How did he accomplish this Herculean goal. What is the genius he is about to give the world. Eat less, work out and cut carbs. Holy crap! Stop the presses this is Gutenberg Printing Press kind of news. Really, that is all. Look if I wanted this crap I could watch Katie Couric’s colon being checked, or watch Harry Smith artificially inseminate a cow. It hurt watching this. Thank god I did not have my glasses or I would have been blinded.

Speaking of bad CNN moves. Nancy Grace this woman is insane and I wish nothing more than a life full of bad clams. I think this article and this one sums up some of my feelings.

Will this be the end of Zombie Pat O’Brien in Rehab.

April 28, 2005

No! Please say it’s not so! Some one get that man a bottle of Crown Royal. Hey Pat I am glad that you have decided to clean up, you ol’ booze hound. But I am not happy with the apology crap. Okay you may need to apologize for legal reason, but do not be ashamed of some great comedy. Those tapes are gold. (thanks Mr. Thigh Master) But Pat (didn’t he suggest doing that to Nancy O’Dell while Billy Bush watched?) has to get back to his important work. He is going to help American learn and understand the important topics. No, not Social Security (maybe we should contact Joe millionaire, he will know what to do), or Iraq (are we still there, I thought that ended with Friends Finale), or even the assault on the constitution (didn’t that get voted off Survivor?). It’s about our entertainment industry. Oh sure, we may be spending $3.00 a gallon, billions in Iraq, with a a health care system that sucks, but our reality shows and over-exposed stars are safe.

Pat, I salute you for our courage to come back and hop into the frey as we face a possible American Idol Scandal. Something that the American public has more passion voting on then political elections. What could this scandal be? What that it sucks? Paula on drugs? (maybe she heard one of her albums) Is the show rigged? There are 3-masted ships that are less rigged. Damn, you would think this ABC Primetime was the Warren Commission Report.

Thank goodness I do not commit most of my waking hours following something where people are over exposed and paid huge amounts of money to play “games”. That would just be foolish. Now where is the sports section?

How could I forget.

April 27, 2005
I really should take the time to enjoy this while it last.

The Chicago White Sox
Best record in the

Let just soak that in just for the moment. I know we are not into May yet, but bear with me. And as I write this this they have just lost another game in the 9th. Was that Jermaine Dye playing Shortstop in the 9th?

Look this there best start since they wore these. They are off to their best road start since they wore these. This is better than when they started 82 dressed in these fine threads. Which still beat these. We have come a long way from the shorts debacle.

I could go on and bemoan that White Sox Village is still not being taken seriously (which I can understand). But that would be mundane. All I will say is that their is more to MLB than the Yankee and Red Sox. The Twins are not the feel good, small market vs. big market team. They are some kind of evil pyramid scheme hatched by the Yankee to make us buy Amway. You heard it hear first. Finally, the Cubs suck ass.

Now please put up your feet and enjoy new Broadway Sensation: “Real People the Musical, with Jack Klugman as Sarah Purcell. Happy Birthday, Quincy you magnificent bastard!

The Weekend and other Random Thoughts

April 27, 2005

Alright got that out of the way. Well the weekend has come and gone.

Saturday – went out to the memorial service and spent some quality bonding time with the family and friends. Hung out and remembered the good times we had with Mr.G. When I got home was so drained and tired I could not even watch the draft.

Sunday – Even after braving the early morning showers took the Better Half, her Mom and my nephew to the Festival of Books. We always love going and it fun taking the nephew getting him new books to read, and getting him see characters from the books he reads. We also have a good time running him around and riding the shuttle bus across the UCLA campus. I was able to duck in and catch a panel discussion with my Mother-in-Law, as the Better Half took Tom. It was a great panel Writing Epic History. For me I find these more interesting than fiction. I went to see Adam Hochschild who wrote “King Leopold’s Ghost” a powerful book. He has a new one out on the End of Slavery in the English Empire. The other authors were great and I plan to read their work soon.

Steve Fraser has a fascinating book on Wall Street.
Hector Tobar – an interesting looking book on immigrant lives and their journey to America and through America.
A.J. Langguth – Our Vietnam was his book, which I plan to read along with Mr. Tobar’s book when my Mother-In-Law is done.

So that was the weekend. I am still trying to absorb the NFL draft right now. So far my thoughts are:

I am happy that the Broncos made the trade to get a #1 next year and #4. Thank you Washington. Double thanks in taking Jason Campbell. He could become a great QB in the league, but how could you make that pick with all the money you have tied in the QB position already and with other positions that needed to be filled. Here is hoping for a 4-12 season.

Do not know what to make of the Bronco draft? Maurice Clarrett, seriously? I just waiting for someone to come by and kick me in the nuts. So, is this what it means to be “punk’d”. He could be a good back, I leaning toward no. I think they should have gone WR or DE, but I am not the GM. They took 3 DB’s with hopes of shoring up the secondary and also hopefully looking to get some speed on special teams. We will see.

The Chiefs had the crappiest draft. They took Craphonso Thorpe. Can you say Snoop Minnis? I thought you could. I hate to say they drafted decently and got some DB help with Surtain so they trying to pull out the stops for Vermeil Crying Cavalcade last run.

The Raiders checking in with some questionable characters (Hawthorne in the 6th cough, cough and Routt in the 2nd) and players who can run (Washington 1st and Routt).

The Jets – you first pick was the Motor City Madman, oh sorry Mike Nugent Kicker. But taking a kicker as your first pick is still a head scratcher. This guy is no Morten Anderson, but he should be better than Russell Erxlaben.

The 49ers – Wow you guys picked the wrong year to get a franchise QB. I am not sold on him or Rodgers as the #1. But we will see, if they give him something to work with he could avoid being a bust, but I see Tim Couch, with just a hint of Cade McNown.

Ravens- got the guy they wanted and I hate them for that. Why couldn’t they draft a punter in the first round? But I think they may be the team to beat in the AFC this year.

Colts – Lee Evans. What is with all the short players?

Lions – Mike Williams was worth the pick. He is a guy you don’t pass up on. Even thought he is from SC he is special talent. Also Charles Rogers’ porcelain collarbone is still an issue.

Jags – Matt Jones in the 1st. I thought there was a drug policy in the league. Look, you have the makings of the offensive version of Mike Mamula. That pick for a guy who has not played that position. That’s a bold statement.

Well that is what I have on that, more as I digest the info. What do think I did on Monday? I spent all day printing out draft info.