Back to the Grind

Hello kids, I back. I had to go take care of very personal business yesterday. My brother and I went out to Apple Valley to see a family friend who is very ill.

When did Rancho Cucamonga go from being a punch line to a major suburb? Well it is still a punchline. It is not worth it people. I know housing prices suck and it is a crime that people can not find affordable housing in the areas they would like, but come on. Oh sure, you have a lovely home, but all the money you saved will go to gas and A/C. So you live in Hisperia, but you work in LA. Is four hours in you car worth it? That’s right I didn’t think so. I have no problem with people living there, but have a plan and develop a proper infrastructure. The High Desert is such a beautiful place, if you remove the Meth’d out Mullet’s of the 909 and the land developers who are running amok. I like being out there, and would love to spend time in it, away from the all the crap. Yesterday was spectacular seeing the snow on the mountains from the other side, without the smog. That is what I love not seeing rows and rows of cookie cutter homes.

The Joshua Tree, not only a great album, but a wonderful place it see. A place I will go and see one day.

Coming back was tough, if we did not have to be anywhere my brother and I thought “we can get to State Line in two hours.” Just two hours away from the Bonnie and Clyde Death car. I so badly need to get to Las Vegas.


One Response to Back to the Grind

  1. Eric says:

    If I read this correctly it suggests you’ve been a resident of SoCal for 34 years and you’ve never visited Joshua Tree? Death Valley? A shame, two of my favorite places on earth. Joshua tree was the site of one of the weirdest things I’ve witnessed – A coyote fighting with eagle. God, that was the best peyote ever

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