Bracketville where dreams are crushed

Last night, my 80’s tie chances of being in the hunt for one of my pools was saved thanks to the Illini, Louisville and Arizona. But I am pretty sure that UNC right now is enjoy a pre-game meal of bad clams and poorly prepard pork. I look for them to foul things up tonight. But there was some good hoops at least. Hey any time Bobby Knight loses, its a good thing.


2 Responses to Bracketville where dreams are crushed

  1. Eric says:

    UNC is playing tonight in ‘Cuse and frankly, I can recommend places that serve bad clams and poorly prepared pork. But that’s what you’re trying to avoid. Hopefully they’ll stay away from the Dome Dogs and the 44 OZ Genny Screamers. God I love this town

  2. Boski93 says:

    I did not think about that. I can already see Sean May missing a wide open dunk and Roy yelling,” I wish I had a Genny”.

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