Was he really drunk or was it his audition for Crank Yankers?

Oh Pat O’Brien, what hilarity are you up to next. I hope everyone takes the time to listen to Pat dialing while drunk. It makes me ponder a hypothetical (Which should be a band name). Do you think these kind of phone calls were made back in the 70’s and 80’s? Do you think a person like Foster Brooks would get on the phone and make obscene calls to Angie Dickinson, Betty White and Charles Nelson Reilly, while liquored up? For all of those concerned and want to keep up on Pat. I recommend that you go here to get a “first hand” account on how Pat is doing. Remember Pat, courage.

Must give credit to TWS site for the “Insider” dirt on Pat and his addiction to Vodka and schlocky self-promotion. I know, I know I should not kick the guy when he is down, but it is the only chance I can kick and then run away unharmed.


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