I have always wondered about if there was a hierarchy for the following groups:


It is a question that has always vexed me. I need to know! I must know the correct etiquette when I am amongst them. For example, would it be offensive if I showed up to Hobo hootenanay, with a couple of Bums? Would I be insulting their Hobo King, or duly elected Hobo Representative? If so then what? Should I expect to be cut by a band of blood-thirsty hobos? Could I bargain my way out with beef jerky? So as you can see I am in dire need of knowledge on this subject. So please if you have a heart you will help.

Thank you, now please enjoy Ultimate Fighting Championship featuring Glass Tiger.


One Response to Question?

  1. dantobindantobin says:

    I don’t know the middle, but Vagabonds are at the top and Bums are at the bottom. Hobos are all but extinct in 2005 (outside of the Boston Red Sox clubhouse, that is).

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