Another 80’s Icon is gone.

The ‘Back to Future Franchise’ would have sucked major ass, it if wasn’t for this guy. Let’ see if Bob Zemeckis gets a sequel, if tried using a Reliant K Car.

John DeLorean has left us for that big auto manufacturer in the sky. Either that, or he is really sleepy. I would like to thank him for creating the greatest stainless steel, cocaine induced auto ever to be manufacturer in Northern Ireland. Thanks for helping trying to give so folks jobs. But you will be missed you Coke selling, wacky gull-winged auto designing, Day-Time TV Hostess marring, crazy S.O.B.

But on a darker note, I am shocked and saddened beyond all reasonable thought. I have not been this sad since, the Chief died on ‘Gimme a Break’ . What is America doing to protect it’s 80’s icons. We have already lost Falco. And who did not cry when science proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pia Zdroa had no talent. Right now many of this national treasures are at risk. Has any one heard from Skippy from ‘Family Ties’ or Boner from ‘Growing Pains’? Are Men Without Hats, still hatless? Where are all the Atari 2600’s? Look people we have to get on this, or one day we will wake up in a world without Taco. How can we face future generations and tell them that we let this one man Dutch supergroup just fade away. I shutter at that thought.


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