It’s Friday Fool.

Well an end of another uneventful week in which I have reconfirmmed that when it comes to picking the NCAA tourney. I suck and maybe developmentally challenged. Let’s say that the difference between me and Corky from ‘Life Goes On’. He has an agent.

So far today I am doing alright other than the Lobos. Hey great job New Mexico, 11 points in the first-half. Way to get it done.

Last night was a wonderful display of suckatude. How about that wonderful performance from LSU last night? Look gentlemen, it is not advised to be huffing gas before a big game. You could have waited till Saturday. Let stay in the S.E.C sucks as department. Alabama thanks for soiling yourselves in front of a national audience. Florida nearly got mauled by those pesky Bobcats of Ohio. UCLA, it wouldn’t have killed you to take a jumper inside of 27 Feet. Something to think about. But I do have confidence that by the end of this evening I will be in no danger of success, and I can enjoy the well earned ridicule from friends, family and myself.


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