Notes from the Overpass

Well your intrepid mongoloid has made it back from his week end adventures.

Friday night – the wife and I had a lovely home made meal at her mom’s house. We had tacos, the first time I have had meat on a Friday since I was 8. No I am not giving up being a catholic, even though the Buddhist do have a better softball team. It was the only night we were going to be able to see her Mom, so it was meatless Thursday and Friday until the tacos.

Saturday – After a couple of errands and some craptastic traffic we made to San Diego. We had a great day wandering through Balboa Park. The went to Old Towne to wander around the shops and grab some Mexican food at Casa de Pico. Which was awesome. Had a big ass margarita that when I was finished made me feel pretty and that walking and standing was way over-rated. Speaking of over rated. The La Quinta Inn Old Towne. You suck and you know it. I was so disappointed at our stay there. Look I was not expecting the Taj Mahal, but please a little effort. Look this not even fit to kill a hooker in. Oh did I say that. (No hookers were harmed in the making of this blog).

Sunday started early about 1:30 AM when someone thought it was a great idea to drop something very heavy and large in the hallway above us so that the whole 2nd floor shook like they had drop the bomb. But after a couple of hours of fruitless attempts at sleep we checked out of the squalor and headed home. We got home and made our way to catch some lacrosse at the Pond and instead of a game we got a great display of the home team soiling itself. It was 8-0 at the half. But we had a good time. We took our nephew and he had a good time. Then it was home to unwind. My wife had a good time this weekend so my mission was accomplished.


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