This just in.

March 31, 2005

Back from lunch and I was able to hold sloth at bay for an hour. Got two things accomplished. One, went to Costco and picking up a few things. Two, getting outside in this beautiful 80 degree weather(It is about freaking time). So I can now say today was not a complete waste.

To top it all, listening to NWA’s “Straight Out of Compton”. Nothing like seeing MC Wonderbread here listening to Old School Gangsta rap.



I am just not feeling it today.

March 31, 2005

I can say I have achieved very little today. Other than my doctoral paper on the Broncos off-season, I can safely say that today is a waste. No ones hassling me. So I am just chilling, reading blogs, posting on this sorry, blog, writing scary letters to Ruth Buzzi and planning to get Illka Sinisalo, Teemu Selanne, and Saku Koivu together and form either an Asia tribute band or jug band, not sure yet. Off to lunch.

Are you sure this is a good idea?

March 31, 2005

As baseball approaches my minds wanders to. Drum roll please……the NFL. I am kind of curious about what is going on with the Broncos. I not so sure about this whole lets get the entire Cleveland Brown Defensive Front plan. I hope this is not Cleveland revenge for punking them in three AFC Championship Games. But hey we need DT and DE’s. Our pass rush was craptastic. We need bigger and more talented bodies to free up the LB’s. Right now the thought is they are going to try the Patriot hybrid and mix in 3-4 and 4-3 fronts. Which is great, if it works. But maybe we will see that (please excuse me for saying this) Butch Davis was right that these are good players, but he could not coach for shit at the pro level.

Quick thoughts on transactions this off season:

Hamilton (Resigned) – They needed to keep him, heir to play Center when Nalen hangs it up.

Neil (FA)- I think he will be back at a lower cost, no one has picked him up, yet.

Hayward (Lost FA Jacksonville)- He was alright, but not at the price Jacksonville paid. He may be worth it with Henderson and Stroud, but they said the same thing with Hugh Douglas.

Warren (Trade) – I think he will be worth a 4th round pick. He better be, since we will not have a 4th and 5th this year. Thank god we got the two 3rd round free-agent compensation picks, or the draft would really suck this year.

Herndon (Restricted FA Lost SEA)- He played very well, at least until the Indy beat down. But they could not afford him and they were not going to get any compensation for him. This means that Walls has to stay health. We need him to match up against Moss in the Red Zone. We also need Middlebrooks to prove he is not a bust, and someone else needs to step up.

Putizer (Restricted FA Resigned)- Listen Jeb, catch the ball in the Red Zone and you will keep your family feed.

Alexander (FA) – I am not sold on him, but they need more options in the passing game especially near the goal line.

Gold (FA) – Great to have him back. Thanks you Jon Gruden for renting him for a year. That rental got us a 3rd round draft pick as compensation, this year. I love having him back as a weapon to rush the QB and run with RB and TE’s in space. If they can stay healthy this is a great LB group on paper. Now they just have to play up to their potential.

Burns, Leach and Baker (FA and resigns) – Please do not suck, our special teams suck enough. Hopefully Burns will provide leadership. Leach – long snapping is the NFL version of crafty left hander. These guys stay in forever. All I ask is do not go Trey Junkin on us. Baker, the first kickoff you knock out of bounds, you are getting a 5-iron beat down.

Carsile (Re-signed) – The team is high on him and enough so that they did not have Neil come back, so hopefully their faith will be rewarded.

Droughns (Traded to Cleveland) – I am sorry to see him go, but with Griffin, Bell and Anderson it would not be fair to him. Also the team like Johnson in the FB slot. The team really needs a hammerhead with some hands in the FB spot. They need to find the heir to Howard Griffith. The unsung hero of the Super Bowl years.

Brown – (FA) Please, please try to stay healthy and make some kind of impact. You do not have to go to the Pro Bowl, but make some plays.

Ekuban (Trade from Cleveland) Great name, please go Alfred Williams on us and surprise up with you ability. Give us a consistent presence off the edge and don’t be a liability against the run.

Myers (Trade from Cleveland) I will buy the hockey mask, just as long as you go all Crystal Lake over the opponents. He will fill the need for a big ugly in the middle along with Warren.

Pryce (????) I do not know where I stand on this. DL who can rush the passer and post against the run are rare these days. Anyone who can play every down is vital, but what do you do? He has a huge cap number, which he has earned. But he sat out almost all of last season because of a back injury. So he might be damaged goods. Right now, I still leaning toward keeping him and try to rework his contract, because now they DL that is a good deal better than last year’s. But if they can swing something to move up in the first to get a play maker WR or DB then do it, or get picks for next year. I will miss him if he goes. The man wore 93 and did not look like a fool doing it.

Well Mike, the ball is your court. You have the final say in the personnel moves and you have kept this team winning since Elway, but we have not won when it counts. Look like I have drunk the Kool-Aid don’t make me regret it.

Well it looks like my quick observation has turned in a Proust-fest. Don’t worry it is not as bad as the Creative Writing project I did in college on the Broncos which ended up be hand written 12 pages, front and back. And that was just my memories from ’77 till ’92. I am a sad little man.

The Lost Art of Sleeping

March 31, 2005

Sadly this has become a lost art. I can not stay a sleep, at nights. I sleep in 2 hours shifts, then I am up, but usually I get back to some kind of sleep. Well except last night. I just could not get to sleep. When the alarm went off me to go to the gym, I was fried. I just could not get up and get going. To make things worse, I still could not get any real rest after that. I laid there tired, but I could not even get a hour worth of sleep. So I am trashed for today. This is starting to piss the hell out of me. I do not remember the last time I slept uninterrupted through the night. Arrrrgggghhhhh.

Back to the Grind

March 30, 2005

Hello kids, I back. I had to go take care of very personal business yesterday. My brother and I went out to Apple Valley to see a family friend who is very ill.

When did Rancho Cucamonga go from being a punch line to a major suburb? Well it is still a punchline. It is not worth it people. I know housing prices suck and it is a crime that people can not find affordable housing in the areas they would like, but come on. Oh sure, you have a lovely home, but all the money you saved will go to gas and A/C. So you live in Hisperia, but you work in LA. Is four hours in you car worth it? That’s right I didn’t think so. I have no problem with people living there, but have a plan and develop a proper infrastructure. The High Desert is such a beautiful place, if you remove the Meth’d out Mullet’s of the 909 and the land developers who are running amok. I like being out there, and would love to spend time in it, away from the all the crap. Yesterday was spectacular seeing the snow on the mountains from the other side, without the smog. That is what I love not seeing rows and rows of cookie cutter homes.

The Joshua Tree, not only a great album, but a wonderful place it see. A place I will go and see one day.

Coming back was tough, if we did not have to be anywhere my brother and I thought “we can get to State Line in two hours.” Just two hours away from the Bonnie and Clyde Death car. I so badly need to get to Las Vegas.

Easter Egg Hunt Tainted by steroids

March 28, 2005

More on that later.

Well had a decent weekend. The wife and I got out Saturday and took in the Irvine Farmers Market and plundered what we needed. Then went to my friend The King of the Desert Hooligans and his wife’s home for their daughters second birthday. They thanked us for bring a gift that did not make noise. I had a good time even though most of the kids their were more mature than me and probably better behaved. My wife had too worry about her 33 year old “child” running around the yard like a crazy person with the kids. I think a six year old asked me to “grow up”.

After hanging out there, we had to shuffle off to wife’s alumni even for her university. It was a small group this time, but we had fun. My wife organized a night of dinner and some lacrossey goodness. Which was a great game. I was glad the Anaheim decided pull their heads out and not blow another 3 goal lead late in the game. Oh they tried and allowed San Jose to score with under a minute of regulation. But that just meant we were going to be treated to “Free Lacrosse”.

Sunday got up and went to Mass at 11, which was not too bad. I did not have someone ramming their elbow into my ribs for an hour. But after that finally got back to playing my PS2. It was so good to play Madden again. But I forgot that I need to readjust the setting. It was on a lower skill level. I knew something was not right when I was taking Frankfurt and putting up 56 points on Colonge with J.T. O’Sullivan. Yeah, I know I was using two NFLE teams but still I am not that good to be putting up a 56 spot on someone in the first half. Speaking of not right, I am going to do the following.

Sunday afternoon watched clips of the Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Roll on the White House lawn. I will say that Congress needs to look at testing these kids. There were quite a few of these kids that just did not seem right.

Quite a few kids with serious back acne.

One kid had a horn growing out of there head.

Nothing like seeing 6 year olds with 11 inch arms.

One seven-year old knocked over Marine One.

BALCO President and Tower Power Bass Player – Victor Conte was the MC.

There was also an adorable set of twin girls who did every well in the competition. They were so cute with their pig tails, their Easter bonnets and their matching Mark McGwire goatees.

Finally, the kid who really impressed me was this 4 year old who did had 4.45 40 time. The kids has a future in the NFL, along with egg hunts, but the kid is only 33 inches tall, so he would not match up well against the bigger wide receivers. Also the kid only did 9 reps of 225 and he colored all over the Wonderlick. I think this kid should not come out for the draft yet. It would be best if they could get another year of Kindercare, but the NFL needs DB’s. We will just have to wait and see.

Sunday night had a lovely Easter dinner with my family, except for one who out of town on business and could not get back. We went to my oldest brother’s mother-in-law’s home. Everyone had a good time, even me until midway through dinner when I decided to wallow in my own self-hate, which was brought on by my nemesis, myself. I had one of those, “what they hell are you doing with you life?” And “why are you still underachieveing at this point in your life”? So I moped the rest of the night. I tried to play it off as being tired and having a lot on my mind. Sadly, I do this time to time. I just wish I wouldn’t have done it, so I could have enjoyed being with the people I love.

It was just like a seen out of Mallrats.

March 26, 2005

Just when you thinks things can’t get any stranger.

For what its worth, I still think the Easter Bunny at the Menlo Park Mall is better.

Oh wait, I just remembered, I do have something that will top that. Listen yo, 911 is a joke. Especially, if you can’t get your burger, your way.

I both laughed and cried over this one. Laughed because this woman took the time to call 911, about her burger. Then cried because that woman lives in Orange County. Someone needs to take the kids away from her.

Thanks ATC for the link.