That’s just ass.

Greetings good people, it is your Uncle Boski back again. As I sit here on a rainy Friday, in the lawless and rough and tumble land of Costa Mesa in the O.C. Well I thought it was going to be another jobless Friday. Well I was wrong. I actually did some work today, for pay. I thought I was going to make some cash and have a half a day to mess around. All I had to do was make some deliveries for my temp. agency. Well that was the plan until my car and another car got a little too close and my car tried to. Thanks to the wet road conditions, my car tried to have relations with the other vehicle. No one was hurt thank God. The only thing hurt was my feelings. If my writing improves then we will know I did suffer some head trauma. So I go from having a shot at a good day to a shitty one. Great I went from making money to looking down the barrel of at least $700.00 good times.


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