Looking for suggestions

Right now, I know that this blog is not very interesting and that there is very little traffic to see this work of art so I am asking for help from the good people in blog world to help out and give me suggestions on how I can improve this blog, other than quit. I would like to spice it up and make it something you can hang on the fridge next to your kid‘s finger painting. Maybe if I can improve the looks. I can find a writer to add content to it. Free “mints” with comments.


One Response to Looking for suggestions

  1. Eric says:

    Dearest Boski… We love you just the way you are. But if that doesn’t convince you then here are a couple of suggestions:

    Get a site tracker to see just how many visits your’re getting. It will also show people linking to you:

    Extreme TrackingThey will provide a snippet of code to add to your template that will help analyze traffic.

    Also, a blogroll on the sidebar helps. A great many people can be guilted in granting reciprocal links once they see you are a referrer:

    BlogrollingAnd when in doubt, just add some nekkid pictures.

    Send mints please!

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