I am still here, but still jobless.

Well kids your Uncle Boski has been pounding the virtual pavement and getting the virtual door slammed into my virtual face. It seems that having a resume in crayon is not the best way to go. Well, since I do not have a job right now it affects the this blog. I know that the literary world has been on edge waiting for me to wax poetically on such important issues like: football, 80’s TV, the NFL, horticulture, College football, ham, Arena Football, Danish fascism and football. Well not having a job where I can screw around and use high speed connection leaves me with my dial up which is sweet. You are not living until you take a half and hour to download something. When I get my candy ass a job we have to get this taken care of. We do have a wireless laptop now. My wife found a kick ass bargain on one and it rocks, but if we want to use it, then it is off to the library. Which is not too bad, you can see the ocean from the library. But I would just love to get a set up where we can use the laptop and this clunker I am on at the same time without using the phone line. We have to have dreams.

Well I expect to get some kind of assignment next week. I had a wonderful one this week. For two days I sat in a room and hand wrote address on envelopes for a company. If you know me, and have seen my hand writing along my very tenuous grasp of spelling. Then you know that this was 14 hours in a little place called hell. But the best or worst part about this is that this was not the worst assignment I have been on. I have had worse. Also I am still young and still without a career path so there is many more chances to work for $10 and hour doing great, great things.


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