Football, sure we can talk about that.

How about that Super Bowl, what a great way to kick off Pro-Bowl Weekend. Well as the football season winds down, I am still up to my chin in football. Well actually, I can lower that to about my waist. I gave up PS2 for lent. I am not the greatest Catholic in the world(probably not even a good one) and I got my issues/concerns with the church, but each year I still do my Catholic duty. Enough about that. Over the last week I was gearing up for the Super Bowl. I will say that the NFL network and ESPN did me no favors by playing all those Super Bowl Highlights. Thanks, I really needed to get stuff done. I can sit there and watch that stuff over and over again. I love watching them all except Super Bowl XXIV. That was too much of an ass beating. Along with that I have been doing some reading. I have gone through two book over the last few week. They were quick reads.

Bloody Sunday – Not the U2 song, or the unfortunate event in Belfast that inspired the song. It was a book by a sports writer who had been on the Giants beat. He took a look at couple of aspects of the NFL. The lives of coaches, players and the games that are played on and off the field. God I sound like a freaking blurb. Boski gives it 4 and half Elways, could have been five, but not enough about the Broncos.

Long Bomb – How the XFL Became TV’s Biggest Fiasco – This was a great book on a complete failure. Yes, I will stand before everyone and say that I did watch the XFL. I could have cared less for WWF bullshit. I just wanted football. I did not care what they were cutting it with. I needed until NFL Europe. Just give me a fix. I watched as much as I could. I can even remember watching some at Trader Vic’s in L.A. with the wife as I treated her on her Birthday We went up to see a presentation at the Museum of Radio and Television. As we sipped tropical drinks and enjoyed the goodness of Trader Vic’s I was concerned with the outcome of the L.A. Extreme and the New York/New Jersey Hitmen. Good news, L.A. won 22-7. Good job guys, I had the under. Yes you can call just start calling me “HE HATE HIMSELF”. Well I have veered off again. But the author Brett Forrest spin a surprising, but yet not surprising tale about XFL. It seem too bizarre, but with McMahon involved anything was possible. (I am happy to say that I was apart of the lowest rated show in the history of TV. Hey XFL, Manimal kicked your ass!)
Mr. Forrest who spent four months in Vegas following the Outlaws, also looks at the souls that played in this circus.(That includes He Hate Me, Rod Smart. Who now is running back kicks for the Panthers) These human interest stories were actually interesting. But read the book and you will get a better understanding that very dark period in American History. I give it 3 He Hates Me, 2 Wild Samoans, and a Ughandan Giant.

My next book that I have just started is – The 1$ Dollar league – The Rise and Fall of USFL. But good news folk. The book after that is not about the WFL. I am reading Barbara Tuckman’s the Guns of August. Well thank you for coming to the book corner. Now please pay for that book, this is not a lending Library.


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