Well and another post that begins with me saying well. I have got to stop doing that. So it is time for Thanksgiving a time we give thanks that Boxing day is just tad over a month away. Big ups for Boxing Day! I sit here and think what I need to be thankful for. I do have quite a bit I need to be thankful for. Because how the hell did I get this far.

My wife – I think she has achieved the three miracles for Sainthood -(1.Getting me to walk upright 2. Put up with all of my useless info and bad jokes 3. Making me realize that you can not wear shots to every event, no matter the weather.) I love you sweetie, you have put up with more jokes about the Gilded Age than is legally allowed.

My Brother and Sisters – I have been so blessed to have a great family. So a thank you to my brothers and sisters, who have helped me so much over the years. I want to say thanks for being 4 more parents to me and keeping me in line. Also thanks for being great people. Thank you for putting up with the least talented of the bunch (me).

My parents – To my parents, thank you, thank you, thank you. First up is my Mom who is just so incredible. The events of last week reinforce that she is an incredible woman and I need to cherish any time I have had and will ever have with her. She is a wonderful person, who raised 4 great kids and the one who is just not right in the head (but you love me anyway). To my Dad, it has been 11 years since he passed and I still miss him. I could spend hours typing my thoughts about him, but I will save some of that on future posts. But I can sum him up as a great father, friend and teacher. To all of my family I love you guys.

My friends – Thanks to all of you for hanging out with this dork for all these years. Thanks for all the good times going from Primary School, College, Disney and other stops on the Boski work carnival. Special thanks go to the following (the sake to protect the innocent I will not name names, so that if you are ashamed of me I can help you keep your cover):

The Chipper

Billski Burgervich




Kid Lighting


My Fellow Team Owners of the BBL

Mr. Notre Dame





and the entire cast of Falcon Crest!

and thanks to everyone who I forgot to mention.


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