Week 10

Due to a programming snafu and the medication, Mr. Boski forgot to publish this little gem.

Well, I was wrong again. The Eagles did win and covered. So this week I went 9 – 5 not too shabby for an idiot. But I had no clue about picking the spread in these games. I was a 5 – 9. So after nine weeks of picking we are looking at:

Straight up 69 – 45 (60.5%)

Against the Spread 47 – 56 – 3 (41.2)

So what do we have to say at this point about the season:

The AFC is good.

The NFC sucks.

That there will be an amazing race to see which coach will be the next to coach his way out of a job. It will be tough to top Wandstadt, but he was doomed from the get go. Right now we have four lively candidate for late season meltdown. We could see all three fired or all three losing their jobs. I am leaning toward at least one being fired….

Well kids I then went on and wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning paragraph about Jim Haslett, Mike Martz, Dennis Erickson and Butch Davis. It was great, you would have laughed cried and fell in love all over again. I was making references from a wide range of subjects: Presidents of the gilded Age, Faust (both the author and the coach) Yams, Outer Mongolia, Henry Cabot Lodge and Rerun from What’s Happening. It was such an amazing article that I was able to cure cancer along with predicting who was going to lose there job. But I ran into one small problem, me. I got distracted and forgot to finish. Oh well the world will never know. Or that it was saved from a lot of crap.


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