It’s me again, unfortunately.

Yes, I am back with more of my sad ass blog. I swear I will work on add more to this. It will probably crap that is useful to no more, but hey I will look cool. Wait who I am I kidding. Well since we last spoke I have had another chance to show my skills and again I have shown that I have none. Week 9 was above .500 but there were some games that I was wrong, so very wrong.

The Winners:

Was – Yes they won, but this team’s offense is shakier than Muhammad Ali on the Materhorn. This team can not throw the ball. Mark Brunell is very close to joining Ron Dayne on team Haliburton, for do so little for so much.

S.D. – The best team that can not sell out its games. They continue to amaze as they beat a Saint team that is clueless. Now with Wandstadt gone, Jim Hasslet should be scared, very scared.

Ari – Yes, I broke my own code. But the siren call of the Cardinals was too strong to ignore. I did have one hell of a laugh watching the Fins hit absolute bottom.

Sea – Team Potted Meat beat a feisty Niner team. TPM is back on the right track as they go into their showdown. What’s that, oh the name. The uniforms, well it all started a couple years back when someone made the comment that the uniforms looked like rotted meat. After viewing them, all I could think was about Upton Sinclair’s the Jungle, the Spanish/American War and a Space Ghost episode. I know you thinking, “Matt what the hell are you talking about?”. Well the color reminds me of the wonderful description of what was done to meat at the turn of the century. In fact, the meat the US Army provided the troops killed more soldiers than the Spanish. I think Ye Old Haliburton was the supplier. So henceforth they are forever Team Potted Meat.

Buf – This one I was proud of. You could see this one coming. Teams are playing like crap after Monday Night’s. And the Bills are playing a lot better. So McGahee is the real deal. This team will make people’s lives miserable down the strech, but may come up a little short in the playoff run. If they were in the NFC they would be in line to meet the Eagles in the NFC Championship game.

Bal – When Don Correyl thinks about hell does he invasion the Baltimore Ravens. Holy Bela Abzug is this team winning ugly. They are terrible to watch, terrifying to play against and scary to bet on. You never know when this team’s D will finally collapse in exhaustion from carrying this team.

Den (but took the points on Hou) – I was so scared about this game. Considering how bad the Broncos looked the last two weeks. It games like this that make you feel conflicted. They looked so good, but why are we only 6-3 and tied for the division. Arrrrgggg!

Ind (but took the points on Min) – Bill Simmons of ESPN is dead on by comparing the Colts to the Nuggets of the 80’s. Fun to watch, but they will not win the big one.

The Losers

Me – That’s a given.

Dal – I do not know what was worse, the Cowboys performance or the Bengals uni’s. Both very very sick.

N.Y.G. – What in the Ray Handley happened here?

Phi – The Steelers are for real, but I had to go with the Eagles till they were beat and now we see that they can be beaten and beated badly.

K.C. – You got punked by Brian Griese, just soak that in KC.

Car – 1 – 7, I think that sums it up.

St.L – They got pounded by Team McGuyver at home. Good job Martz, team Skitzo did it again. A chance to make a statement. Instead you make a mess on the carpet.

So, a 8 – 6 week, but I was 6 – 8 vs. the spread. So after 9 weeks:

60 – 40 (60%) straight up. As we saw last week I can not do math and had myself at 54%. I should not worry, I will get there soon enough.

Upon Further Review Boski is a dumb ass. I was way off on my record against the line as well.

42 – 47 – 3 (42%)

God I am a total idiot.


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