This really sucks.

Well things did not turn out the way I had hoped. We get four more years of Bush. Great, that is just fucking great. I would rant about this and I may in the following days, but I do not think I can add anything insightful. Me and wife are sad about this and we are concerned about the future of this country, because it is not only the next four years. This may become the Chernoybl presidency. But as sad as this is I am not going to pick up and flee to Easter Island. Even though it would be cool to hand out with Mowi (I am not sure of the spelling).

But before I go I would wish a happy Go Fuck Yourself to the following:

George W. Bush – The only plus will be is at the end of this second term Ulysses S. Grant will not be the worst two term president. Finally my boy U.S. Grant gets a break.

Dick Cheney – There will be a special place in hell for you my pretty. We all know that you are the one who runs the show.

Karl Rove – May your nuts be crushed by midgets with toffee hammers., but then you may be into that.

John Ashcroft – Hey John, the Puritans called and they asked if you could tone it down.

Colin Powell – I used to have a lot a faith in you, but that is gone. Also love the work you son is doing with the FCC. Real good.

The NeoCons and Religious Right – Thanks for highjacking the issues from what is affecting everyone and making them into “values”. Great ,I know Jesus will love me when I have lost my home, seen my job outsourced. I will be forced to work for a feudal lord (Walmart), as we revert back to the middle ages. Hey, I will be able to sleep peacefully, under a freeway. Safe knowing that gays can’t marry (but by that time they will have been sent to “camp”, no more rampant On-Demand Abortions that everyone is into, and safe from scary things like knowledge and free will. Good times.

To the Democrats – thanks for letting these assholes get away from the issues and win. Arrrrgggg.

I must stop I am not even coming close to making sense.

The views expressed by Mr. Boski are his and his alone. He does not wish bodily harm on anyone listed above. Mr. Boski is a good citizen and believes everything is doubleplus good . Mr. Boski does love Mr. Ashcrofts singing. So please do not remove us from this crap ass blog.

Thank you.



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