Chop Blocks and Red Sox.

I have had to hear all week that the block that George Foster (the Offensive Tackle not former Reds, Mets and White Sox Outfielder and professional Ugly Man) was illegal and bush league. I hate to see a player go down. And I do not want to be a Bronco apologist, but that is what he is taught to do. What he did is in the rules. Within 1 ahead and behind the line of scrimmage players are allowed to cut block. Do they need to change the rules? I think they should look into it. If everyone is against it then change the rule them take it out. Maybe since players are bigger and faster and the physics make it a lot easier to see these injuries, then rules need to reflect that. That is my stupid two cents if it makes any sense.

The Red Sox have pulled it off and the end of the world has not happened. Amazing. But I am still pissed they won. I liked having another team to kick around. But thank god it was not the Cubs. I hate those guys. As a White Sox fan it tough having one of things that keeps me going taken away. I could always count on when the Sox would drop out of the running that I would always know that the Red Sox and Cubs would not win a World Series either. Now the Red Sox are gone and now will become just like the Yanks and keep reminding you of their greatness. Damn it I would like to the White Sox just get off the fucking mat and win and do it before the Cubs. Because if the Cubs win before the White Sox then it is time to pack it up and call it quits. What will be the point. I just would not be able to handle it. But even if the Sox won would Chicago even care. I hate those ponsey Cubs and their dumbass fans. I know I am Joe Suburb from California, but I hate those uppity rich kids. I have ranted enough on this issue, till the spring.


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