What Rocked about the Trip (Northern Ireland)

Here is a brief list.

  1. The People – everyone was so very nice.
  2. The Food – we did not have a bad meal. It is not all fish and chips. These were some of the best meals I have every had, but this is a man who loves Del Taco’s Breakfast Burritos.
  3. Beer – It is scary how good Guinness’s is across the water. What we do to beer in this country should be considered a hate crime. They even made Bud taste good. But I think I know why they do it. You could easily get into trouble. Pound three of four and you become everyone’s friend.
  4. The Team we took – it was a good group. There were moments, but that happens when you are cooped up together for two weeks.
  5. The Sights – They were both beautiful and moving. Sights like Belfast, Strangford Lough, Derry, the Mourne Mountains, the Giants Causeway and the North Coast. It was all amazing, breathtaking and moving.
  6. Our accommodations – We crashed at a sweet Irish Manor home. I can never say thanks enough to our host for having us stay. This place was amazing. I just wished I had a Tweed Jacket.
  7. Being a part of building homes for people need and deserve homes.
  8. Tea Time – Because they make some fine snacks for teatime on that side of the pond.
  9. Family Roots – It felt good to see where I come from. I feel more at home in Northern Ireland where my grandfather was from than New York City where my parents lived. (Thank you Mom and Dad for making the right decision and coming west)
  10. Our site supervisors – They are the best and the nicest people you will want to meet.
  11. My better half – She is the one who got this all together.


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