Welcome to HR

Today, I have been accepted into the warm arms of Human Resources. Instead of living in fear of them, I will be at one with them. I have big plans and ideas that will help this company move forward. Things like flex time, literacy program, a secret police and a reign of terror that would make Robespierre blush. Oh, I think I have said too much. Now I have been an administrative drone for two years at this company and I need to try to do more. Hell actually try to make something out of my life. This will be different and I think I need to make a change. No change in pay, that sucks. Hey I do get mileage. Which means I have to figure a way to fake going from Orange County to SD via the Cape. Much to ponder.


One Response to Welcome to HR

  1. Eric says:

    As your first move you really need to bring in Terry Tate, office linebacker. He get’s things done!

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