The 1985 Phoenix Cardinals

August 11, 2004

Just something for everyone to think about.


Edgar is a Sham!

August 10, 2004

Edgar Martinez is retiring, well boo-hoo. He is not the greatest DH ever. That title belongs to Harold Douglas Baines. Do not ask me how I know, but Edgar cheated. Let’s just leave it at that. No way he goes to the Hall and Harold doesn’t.


August 10, 2004

Is it a tasty treat, or punch line? America you make the call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Just In.

August 10, 2004

The Dolphins are going to really suck some ass this year. It is almost to the point I feel bad. But you know what. The Fish can go make sweet love to a light socket. The Chargers will work on moving to LA by going 1-15. The EPA will block the movement of toxic waste, but will come to LA. I am so convinced after watching Georgia run the Rams into the ground to move to the armpit of America St. Louis. I am not a Rams fan, but when they were here I would root for them and knowing I could go catch and NFL game was nice. But her and John Shaw called for the gimp.

R.I.P Rick James!

August 9, 2004

56 going on 86. I am really glad Dave Chapplle signed that contract with Comedy Central before this. But right now, I hear that the Mary Jane Girls are gathered to elect the next Rick James. So if I remember correctly, if there is white smoke coming from the compound. Then they are puffing on the Chronic. The gray smoke means they are freebasing. And black smoke means that they have chosen a new Rick James, and they have smoked everything they could get their hands on. Early favorites are Al Roker, Nipsy Russell and Don Knotts. Please stay tuned.


August 9, 2004

Should pudding be on the periodic table? I think it should. I would put it near the Noble Gases. It is stable element and there is nothing more noble than eating pudding. Look don’t give me that its made with milk and pudding mix. I say balderdash. It is a gift from the gods. But this is just one man’s musing.

It’s About Freaking Time!

August 7, 2004

This weekend, John Elway is intucted to the Hall of Fame. The first Bronco to go in. No, Willie Brown and Tony Dorsett do not count. I know I have droned on about Elway on this Blog, but I was very fortunate to be a Bronco Fan and see him from the beginning to the end. There are so many moments I will now give a quick Top 10.

  1. Super Bowl XXXII
  2. The Drive
  3. The Scramble vs. Houston in 91 Playoffs
  4. Super Bowl XXXIII
  5. Hiting Shannon Sharpe, standing flat footed, 50 yards, on a rope vs. the Seachickens ’95
  6. Elway hitting Rod Smith on a Out and Up Pattern against the Raiders on Monday Night Nov. 96
  7. Pissing on the Raiders.
  8. Kicking the Chargers when they are down.
  9. Making the Cheifs look like the Candyasses they are.
  10. Tormenting Marty Shotenheimer.

That is what I have. Give me time, I could craft something a good deal better. Thank goodness my wife tolerates this.