I really need to get a project done.

July 22, 2004

But I do not feel it right now. It is the end of the day and I would like to get home while there still is light out. I hate procrastinating and having the attention span of a deer tick. But that is who I am. Right now I could sit here and tap away making it look like I was doing something.


Something to Think About

July 21, 2004

Conrad Bain – TV father figure or post-apocholypitic, unicycle riding, pistol packing, crack smoking pimp with a heart of gold. With the teeth to match. You let that run through your head for a while. It keeps me up night. I just can’t get this idea on paper, yet. But the day I do the whole world can share in my vision/insanity. Just think about it. Wouldn’t you want to catch Conrad, swearing, drinking, slapping and unicycling (I do not think that is a word) his way into your heart on Friday nights at 8:30. I think it would work in that slot. But, I am no Jim Ignatowski.    

I am tired!

July 21, 2004

Another long day. After re-arranging everything to get to my office at 6:30. I find that the meeting was canceled. F*&(! I have been sluggish all day. I am amazed I did three miles today. It was good. That 24 Hour Fitness is a hotbox unlike Lakeshore which can be down right freezing. Unless you running by the window midday. Enough of that. To make it worst. I did not screw around a lot today but I accomplished as much as if I spent the whole day screwing around. I have a crap load to do before Friday. I going to get out of here and go home to my loving wife and my PS2. I hate to say but I am 33 and I am so attached to that damn thing. I am one of those freaks who plays Madden day and day out. I have played 8 season of Madden. I am talking 16 games and playoffs. I would say I am a complete loser, but I have won a couple of Super Bowls. Opps, I am showing how pathetic I am. I think about my life and I know that I would be the greatest professional layabout if given the tools. I can spend hours upon hours doing nothing of importance. There are episodes of Alice not being watched. Madden Football games to be played, naps to be had. I am the man for this job. Well if I can not have that plum assignment, then I need to work toward my other goal. To become the greatest living Keno player of our generation. I want to be up there in the pantheon of Kino greats as, Cranky Asian woman, Gil Gerard (how do you think he got the Buck Rogers Gig, Twiki was just a Toster to old Gil pimped him out) and surly drunk retired guy. I could go on, but I would have to be creative. That is not going to happen. Well go night all and please tip your wait staff.

Welcome to Boski’s Useless Info Corner – Brought you by Union Carbide

July 20, 2004

I hate to do this to the radio listen audience out there. But part of the reason I am doing this blog is for self indulgent reason. I just want a place I can riff some of my mindless stuff. Right now I feel a list or two coming on. Wait for it….


Favorite Athletes :


John Elway – Johnny Football. I was spoiled for 15 years getting to watch him. The winnest QB in the NFL and Mr. Bronco. I think he was the best, he won with teams that had not business winning as much as they did. Seeing him win two Super Bowls ended all the years of hearing crap about him and the Bronocs. Oh he’s no Montana or Unitis. F$%@, lets see China Doll win with Clint Sampson, Clarance Kay, Micheal Young. I thought so. I am just pissed I never got to see him win in person. The three times I went to see him they lost. One of those loses was the last home win of the Los Angeles Rams. See there is some useless info. I still think they got screwed on the fourth down call, it was a catch. They get that first down they score and beat the Rams. Okay I think it is time to move on or I will be here a while.


Harold Baines – Mr. White Sox – my favorite baseball player. A .289 hitter 16 HR’s short of 400 and 134 away from 3,000. He was money and I just wish teams would have let him get more at bats his last two year. 3000 would have gotten him into the Hall, but the they would have found away to screw him. Oh he’s a DH. Well screw you, throw out Molitor and everyone else who appeared as a DH. That arguement is BS. He was money. I did get to see him play in Chicago, so I feel I got to have a childhood wish come true. I drove my friends nuts with my talk of Harold. he was the only thing the Sox’s had in the mid to late 80’s. My friends in turn gave me crap about being a White Sox and Baines fan. They all loved the Yankee, Angels and Dodgers.  So I could only get excited around the All-Star Game when he would get recognized. I just wished he pulled the ball more. a 30 HR season here and there would have been good and maybe he would have 400 HR’s. But it was great to see him at the All-Star Game Celeb Game in the South American Airline Uni going opposite field. Yeah, I know it was off of Sarah Silverman. But there were a few pitchers he homered off that she could of outpitched. I need to stop or I will talk about his 4-4 performance as and A against Baltimore in 91 (3HR’s a Double and a IBB). Which by the way was the record for most total bases by an Athletic until I think Giambi broke it. I will need to check.


Vincent Edward Jackson – I am not ashamed to say I was a full fledge member of the cult of Bo Jackson. I am still getting Christmas Cards from Phil Knight for all the Bo Swag I bought in the early nineties. I will only need to say this. He was so good and so amazing that he made me root for the Raiders while he played. I hate the Raiders! Everytime you watched you knew something could happen. I carry his football card along with Oscar Gamble. Got to love the Fro. I just wished he played one full season of Football. He would have gone for 2200 yards. I could spend a day talking about Bo. But that is what ESPN Classic is for. One day when I learn to embed crap I will do them justice.


I will try to get back to this list, but if I get sidetracked I will throw out some of my other favs.


Tom Jackson – the man who made me a Bronco Fan


Frank Thomas – he pisses me off time to time, but I need to remember all he has done and is still doing. Everytime he tried to get out of being great, it keeps pulling him back in!!!


Shaq – I love the Desiel, because he is a force on the court and one of the biggest goofs. I am going to miss him. More on that later.


Maggilo Ordonez – He has been money and will always be money.


Archi Ciafrocco – Big ups to my favorite name in baseball.


Stump Mitchell – Why not, lets here it for Stump.


The Great One – Thank you for putting LA on the Hockey Map.


Well, as I said I may have more when I get back. I have to get out and get stuff done.


Sorry for any Grammar Hate Crimes I have committed

Count Down to Belfast.

July 20, 2004

Well less than five weeks till my wife and I are off to Northern Ireland and then England. It will be a great trip, if it does not kill us. The planning we have done for this. Well my wife’s planning. She is the John Wayne of this trip and I am Gabby Hayes. She has done a great job on this. We are going to have fun and I will get to conect to a piece of my heritage. I do not think I am truly getting the gravity of what we need to do and the actual trip itself. I will give more details as we get closer. I should not lie, it will be talking about the trip after I get back. Just a quick note, if you like proper grammar this will not be your blog. I can not promise that any of the grammar, syntax or spelling will not be harmed in the making of this blog. Also they might be subjected to adult situations and drug use. 

Hickory Farms Killed the Radio Star.

July 20, 2004

I know everyone assumes it was video, but the corner’s report will show that the Radio star was bludgened with processed meat. Sad man, sad. Well I still have a crap load to do here at work but I am at point where it would be pointless to get into something, so time to let the world in on the crap in my head and this dumb ass blog. Well it is a wonderful and scoarchingly warm day in this little over-crowded corner of heaven called the OC. “No bitch, this is not how we do blogs in the OC!”. 


July 16, 2004

Just needed to be said. I really have a shit load to do and I could spend the rest of the day talking about my random thoughts. But back to work. I have files to review, letters to write and solitare to play. Crap you we not supposed to hear that one.